Free Water Check-Ups

HC3 can help you save thousands of gallons just by getting your faucets, showers and toilets in top shape. After all, one big snow storm doesn’t mean more water in our rivers.

Tame the Tap

Tame the Tap

A trained technician will inspect your toilet for leaks, measure water use in your home, install on-the-spot simple fixes and provide you with a custom water use report. Rebates available for upgrades.

Free to residential customers of Breckenridge, Dillon, and Frisco water, as well as residents in unincorporated Summit County. Available for $260 to residential customers of Silverthorne water.

Interested in an indoor water check-up for your business?
Water efficiency is one part of HC3’s sustainable business program, Resource Wise. LEARN MORE.

Slow the Flow sprinkler

Slow the Flow

Just like a car, sprinklers need an occasional check-up. Slow the Flow provides simple recommendations to improve outdoor watering and irrigation systems.

Who’s eligible? Check back in spring 2022 for details and updates on this seasonal offering.

Want to learn more about local water conservation efforts and even more ways you can save water?

Tame the Tap and Slow the Flow made possible by:

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